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What MPLV Customers Are Saying About Us

“Questioning whether or not to take the plunge? On the edge of placing your first order? Do it! You won't regret it. Meal Prep LV is simple, convenient and seriously delicious! I have loved every meal Erika has put together for me. These meals help me stay on track without feeling like I'm staying on track. They are flavorful, cooked to perfection and HEALTHY!”

–Aimee Cerda, Clinical Social Worker

Meal Prep Las Vegas has helped me take my fitness goals to a completely different level. I work 12-15 hours a day and then go straight to the gym after that. By the time I get home I don't want to, and really don't have time to go mess around in the kitchen. That's where Erika and her company come in. They make the most delicious, healthy food. They package it up and deliver it straight to my doorstep, all the way to Seattle, WA. My life has become so much easier with her help. I would highly recommend anyone give MPLV a try and see how delicious it is, and where it leads you on your fitness journey. Oh, and the company couldn't be run by a more hard working and caring individual than Erika.”

–Kyle Hennessey, Assistant Warehouse Manager

“For years I had eaten anything quick and easy, usually resulting in very unhealthy options, because of my hectic work schedule. Fast forward to a few months ago, I hear of this company named Meal Prep Las Vegas. For an affordable price, actually resulting in me saving money, I can have easy, quick, healthy, pre-made meals taking the guess work out of eating! Not only are they healthy and easy, they are delicious, with new menu items being added constantly so it doesn't get boring either! These meals have resulted in me saving hundreds of dollars, and in the last three months I have lost 15 lbs, due to changing my diet with the help of Meal Prep Las Vegas! I cannot say enough about these meals, if you have a hard time with your diet because you feel like you just need someone to tell you what to eat, like I did, this WILL help you get your diet on track very easily.”

–Eric Ayala, Tattoo Artist



“After my second baby I wasn't sure how I was ever going to find the time to feed myself, let alone my 2 year old son. Healthy food has always been really important to me, all organic and non-gmo all the way. However, there wasn't time for me to cook the healthy food that I wanted to feed myself and my family. I would scrape together healthy meals for my son but, would only be able to feed myself one meal or so a day. I started working out again but it was a struggle because I didn't have the energy from not nourishing my body properly. So, my sister did some research into meal preps. I told her I love the idea but, I would not do it unless they are organic. In comes Erika with Meal Prep Las Vegas. I seriously couldn't believe it. It was too good to be true. So, I ordered my first week. Not only did I really love the food, my son did as well! Eating these meals has helped me shed all the baby weight just 4 months since my second son was born. My only regret is that I didn't find them sooner!”

–Tatiana Lee, Stay-at-Home Mom



“Switching from an industry where I'm on my feet all day moving to a career at a desk has been challenging on my body. Having to be way more conscious of what I'm eating and taking time to prepare healthy food seemed almost impossible. Erika at Meal Prep Las Vegas has saved my health! I've lost 10lbs just eating her healthy prepared meals, and they eliminated the stress of having to figure out what to eat or how to set aside time to make it. Her food is delicious, keeps me full, and makes me feel better! Thank you Erika, you're a life saver!”

–Deana Marcello, Commercial Realtor



“I have a busy job filled with temptation. Working in the events industry we are surrounded by bagels, cupcakes, candy, and that's just my Monday. After a stressful day I found myself eating an array of processed, surgary snacks and feeling horrible. I tried to pack my lunches but I usually ended up at a coffee shop for a fattening latte, wrap and a muffin. MPLV has allowed me to always have healthy, nutritious meals on the go. Not only are they always with me and ready to eat, but the high levels of protein in them help me not crave all of the tempting treats at work. I feel better, I look better, and my life is much easier!”

–Gabriella Forte, Senior Creative Manager



“I have used Meal Prep Las Vegas for over a month now and it has already had a huge impact on my life. The meals are delivered right to my door every week, fresh and ready to go. I have already made incredible improvements physically, dropping my body fat from 13% to 10%. In addition, I have never had more energy than I do now. Erika and her chef do a great job of creating a menu that has allowed me to mix up what I am eating throughout the week. I personally have had a hard time staying on track and staying disciplined when it comes to my diet. However, these meals are so incredibly good that the problem has vanished completely.”

Dario Medrano, Actor/TV Personality



“I started eating MPLV's meal 8 months ago to support a new training program I was starting. The first month I watched the pounds fall off, and I got more done at work because it was so easy to just heat & eat! In the second month I built actual muscle and was well on track for all my goals. The third month was a very special month. After 3 years and 5 miscarriages, I found out I was expecting. This was huge for us, and I really believe my change in food choice played a huge role. Today I went to the OB for my 23 week check - and my doctor tore up the glucose screensing paperwork because I have maintained such a perfectly healthy weight thus far. And, my prior blood work came back 95% healthier than my doctor's other patients! I give majority of credit to MPLV for my healthy, easy meals that kept me on track. I don't have to think about what to make for lunch for work, or take a whole afternoon away from spending time with my family to prep my food for the week. They do it for me and it's always delivered with a smile, every time.”

–Chelsea West, Realtor



“A year and almost two months ago I gave birth to my biggest joy. I stopped exercising at 23 weeks pregnant, and decided to 'enjoy' my pregnancy with no limitations on calorie intake. WHen I gave birth, through Caesarian, I thought I would bounce back and hit the gym like before I was 23 weeks pregnant; after all, I had fallen off the 'health wagon' a few times in my 20's and was able to bounce back.
Fast forward to a week before my daughter's birthday, and there I sat in my closet depressed. There was no way I was going to fit into my pre-pregnancy dresses. I decided I would wear yoga pants to celebrate my daughter's birthday. This was not me!
My best friend from Cali mentioned a while ago that I should try a meal prep program. I didn't pay much mind. But, there I was on Instagram and decided to type in 'Meal Prep Las Vegas', and Erika's company came up! Then I saw her New Year's Challenge. I inquired, did a lot of convincing the husband. I felt this was Godsent. The timing was perfect!
I started on January 15. I had a healthy breakfast everday and ate Meal Prep LV for lunch and dinner. The food was delicious! Each time I opened a new combination I was delighted. In that one month, I lost so many inches! I went form size 14 pants to a size 10.
I am still a work in progress. I have realized my body is not the same as it was pre-pregnancy. I have friends that have bounced back but, I didn't. The only way I am getting my old self back is by eating healthy. Being a working mother of a one year old, I have no time for myself, Erika makes it possible. I couldn't be happier!”

–Melina Arriaza, Teacher

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